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The Columbiettes are located in 23 States across the US and their locations are included in the map below.  To find if there is an Auxiliary near you, type in your city or zip code and find what may be near you.  If there are Columbiettes in your State but not near you, please see the list of contacts by State below the map and get in touch with that State.  They will be happy to help you!  If there is not an Auxiliary in your State, please see our How to Join page.  Have questions?  Send an email to

Contacts by State

Alabama                          Patti Dmuchowski   

California                         Delana Romero      

Connecticut                       Sue Berry              

Delaware                          Lesa Wright           

Florida                             Cheryl Hoebelheinrich

Georgia                            Jannett Isaacs               Indiana                            Ginny Grant           

Iowa                                Tammy Higgins         

Maine                              Pam Desaulniers     

Massachusetts                  Linda Ruggiero       

Michigan                         Linda Ziegler            

Missouri                           Vicki Bird               

New Mexico                     Sylvia Carrizales     

New Jersey                       Fran Corcione        

New York                         Gail Sheffer           

North Carolina                 Teresa Laraia         

Pennsylvania                    Marie Calderoni        

Rhode Island                    Claudette Apple     

South Carolina                 Nancy Kuffel           

Texas                               Maria Cruz                  

Virginia                            Pat Tecla                

Washington                      Denise Brennan      

Wisconsin                         Cathe Nicholson      

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